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How to choose a data repository? A list of criteria to help you

Publishers and journals are more and more requiring datasets to be deposited and made accessible via repositories. However, with thousands of options available, choosing a data repository is becoming extremely difficult.

FAIRsharing, DataCite and a group of publishers have joined forces to propose a set of 7 essential criteria and 11 desirable criteria that journals and publishers believe are important for the identification and selection of data repositories.

According to the 7 essential criteria described in their pre-print article, if you are looking for a repository, you should choose one that:

  • is in production and accepts data submissions;
  • makes access condition clear;
  • makes data reuse condition clear;
  • makes data deposition condition clear;
  • has a data preservation policy;
  • assigns persistent identifiers;
  • has a contact point, team or helpdesk to assist users.

These criteria are intended to be used by:

  • researchers, when they are preparing to publish the data underlying their findings;
  • journals and publishers, to provide researchers with consistent recommendations and guidance on data deposition;
  • data repository developers and managers, to develop repositories with features adapted to the needs of researchers.

See the pre-print article for more details on the criteria.

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