Gestion et partage des données et des logiciels

TU Delft: an example of collaborative work with researchers to develop a research data management policy

A policy needs to go hand in hand with practice. That’s the key message of the paper published in september 2019 by Maria Cruz et al. from TU Delft (Technische Universiteit Delft). This paper describes the key steps taken and the most important decisions made during the development of Research Data Management policies at TU Delft.

Some examples of good practices implemented at TU Delft:

  • Involvement of different stakeholders: researchers, library, legal and IT departements…
  • Investment in robust infrastructure for data management and sharing ;
  • Launch of the Data Stewardship programme for a more dedicated, subject-specific support to research data management ;
  • Launch of a series of qualitative interviews, quantitative surveys and consultations with researchers to better understand the barriers to data management and sharing.


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