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TRiP: Transparent Review in Preprints, a new pilot project on bioRxiv

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) announced a new pilot project – Transparent Review in Preprints (TRiP) – that enables journals and peer review services to post peer reviews of submitted manuscripts on CSHL’s preprint server bioRxiv.

eLife and the EMBO Press journals, together with Peerage of Science and Review Commons, two journal-independent peer review initiatives, will be the first to participate.

“Posting Review Commons reviews and authors’ replies on bioRxiv will improve the transparency, objectivity, and efficiency of the peer-review process and empower authors to make the best choice for publishing their research quickly” said Thomas Lemberger, Deputy Head of Scientific Publications at EMBO Press.

For more information, go to the CSHL announcement page.

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