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Four rising areas of concern in research data management

A recent survey by the European University Association showed that almost 40% of universities in their sample lacked research data management (RDM) policies and were not in the process of developing any. But, what are the main issues faced by RDM-focused staff?

According to this article, the main issues are:

  • Definitions: a challenge is to communicate to all researchers what data is and what are their different forms.
  • Compliance with funder requirements, copyright law, data protection and privacy (incl. GDPR) and institutional policies.
  • Complexity of the RDM landscape: practices, stakeholders and systems involved when data is created, managed, used, shared and preserved.
  • People: a lack of communication, between university departments, with and between researchers, between funders and researchers/universities, between universities and external partners

Source: JISC – Research data and related topics

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