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[DCC] An analysis of Open Data and Open Science in Europe

Open Data policy development in Europe is constantly evolving. In an effort to stay abreast of these changes on behalf of the community, the DCC, together with SPARC Europe, have recently released an update to the analysis of Open Data policies in Europe.

The report was first released in May 2017. This latest version has been updated to reflect Open Data policy changes that have surfaced between June and November 2017, and encompasses the 28 EU member states as well as several non-EU members of the European Research Area, such as Iceland, Norway and Switzerland.

New activity around national approaches to open data and open science has been identified in several countries, notably the Czech Republic, Hungary, Serbia and Sweden.

Among other key findings:

  • 11 of 28 EU member states have national, research-data related policies in place ;
  • The majority of these policies are owned by – or heavily involved – national research funders; and thus, generally focus on expectations for grant recipients ;
  • Policies generally took effect between 2009 and 2017 – with a clear upswing in activity during recent years.

Download the report here.

Lien vers la source : http://ift.tt/2D7WkUl

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