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SciELO launches a new preprint server that gives priority to COVID-19 related content

A new preprint server has just been launched in April 2020 by the SciELO Program: the SciELO Preprints server. The aim is to accelerate the availability of research articles and other scientific communications before, or in parallel with, their evaluation and validation by scientific journals through the peer review process. Although open to all thematic areas, SciELO Preprints will focus on immediately serving communications related to COVID-19.

SciELO Preprints stands as a reliable preprints server adhering to international standards. The responsibility for the communications lies with the authors themselves, and the dissemination of preprints is to be accompanied by a notice stating that they have not yet been peer reviewed.

Journals receiving submissions, particularly those related to COVID-19, have the choice of encouraging authors to deposit their texts in SciELO Preprints while they are being evaluated. Journals can also deposit peer reviewed articles while in process to publish the final version.  When the preprints are approved and published, the server forwards them for final publication in the journal.

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