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The new Jisc Research Data Management (RDM) toolkit is released

What can I do with the RDM toolkit?

The toolkit is very easy to use. When you reach the home page, you will find icons corresponding to three main audiences that lead to different ways to access content:

  • Researchers: by following this pathway, you will reach a page with RDM hot topics. These are presented in an intuitive format and allow immediate access to the information on the topic on a toolkit page.
  • Research support: built for RDM experts such as research managers, librarians, archivists, etc., this pathway will lead you to resources on RDM in an institutional context.
  • IT specialists: we recognise that IT specialists play a role in RDM but are only involved in some activities. Therefore, we prepared a page where they can find links to the resources that should be most relevant to them.

There is also a fourth option to navigate the website, which everyone can use: you can browse material by choosing the research data lifecycle page. This page allows you to reach toolkit pages arranged by lifecycle step, i.e. in consecutive order based on the Jisc research data lifecycle.

What will I find in the toolkit?

This is a great question, and the answer is (almost) everything! We tried to be as exhaustive as possible in terms of topic coverage and range of resources, so the toolkit includes:

  • Reports ;
  • Guides ;
  • Academic articles ;
  • Links to websites ;
  • Tools ;
  • …and more!

The content is split between in-text links, which you can find as footnotes, and further reading material, which is split by the three audiences above and presented in expandable menus. We prioritised recent and credible material with broad applicability: this was assessed by scoring all resources and by ranking them in a database of over a hundred RDM references.

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