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The university of Oxford has updated its research data management policy

In 2012, Oxford adopted one of the UK’s first institutional research data management policies (Policy on the Management of Research Data and Records).

In 2017-18, IT Services and the Libraries worked closely with Research Services to update the policy. The new policy was approved in December 2018: Policy on the Management of Data Supporting Research Outputs

So what has changed?

  • Principal Investigators are now given an explicit role in ensuring that researchers whom they manage comply with the policy;
  • The definition of data covered by the policy has been expanded to include data necessary for legal/regulatory compliance;
  • The role of researchers in helping ensure good IP management and personal data management has been emphasised;
  • ORA-Data is now specifically mentioned as a suitable repository for Oxford data and metadata;
  • The name of the policy has been changed to clarify that researchers’ responsibilities relate primarily to research data used to support publications and other public outputs
  • The University has accepted an additional ‘catch-all’ responsibility to help researchers with policy compliance where its standard training, support and infrastructure do not answer a researcher’s specific data management needs;
  • General redrafting to improve clarity by, for example, incorporating footnotes into the main text and making nested responsibilities into separate points;

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