Gestion et partage des données et des logiciels

From data managing to data sharing: Towards a culture of open science and data sharing in health and medical research

The foundation of health and medical research is data. Sharing data and code are important components of reproducible research. Data sharing facilitates the progress of research and strengthens science. Data sharing in research is widely discussed in the literature, however there are seemingly no evidence-based incentives that reward data sharing, nor studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of data sharing policies at increasing data sharing. Simple incentives to increase data sharing might provide the change needed to increase data sharing in health and medical research.

This thesis investigated the factors that contribute to the cultural shift towards open science and data sharing in health and medical research, with a focus on the role health and medical journals play. The findings of this research demonstrate that journal data sharing policies are not effective and that journals do not currently provide incentives for sharing. This study contributed to the movement towards more reproducible research by providing empirical evidence for the strengthening of journal data sharing policies and the adoption of an incentive for open research.

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